sometimez its hard

2015-02-15 15:15:09 by finicalprickle

sometimes its hard being the most creative intelligent artist around a bunch of mindless copycats, peoples whos doors of reality have been so clouded by bullshit they can not see whats right there and cant perceive realty as it truly is. take this as you will to improve yourself, tank you


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2015-02-15 17:11:29

No problem!


2015-02-15 19:53:15

Sometimes it's hard to be in the company of the genius that is finicalprickleā€¦ I must force myself to follow my own meager artistic path rather than tread through your incredible and intelligent footsteps like the sheeple copycats before me, true fucking story


2015-02-16 19:58:41

u got sum negro kintamas